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Research in the News: Feature Attention in the Ventral Pre-Arcuate

Neuroscientists identify brain region that holds objects in memory until they are spotted. Read about it in the MIT News>>

Robert Desimone talks brains at Science by the Pint

The head of the McGovern Institute participated in Science by the Pint, an informal lecture series held in some of Cambridge’s best brewpubs.  He gave a talk on how the brain attends to important matters followed by a rotation between tables for drinks and discussion with the attendees. If you’re interested in a little...

MIT Technology Review- A Turning Point

The MIT Technology Review discusses Robert Desimone, the current state of neuroscience, and the future of the field. Robert Desimone, head of MIT’s McGovern Institute for Brain Research, thinks breakthroughs in understanding mental illness are just around the corner. Read the full article »