Diego Mendoza-HallidayPostdoctoral Fellow

    Email: mendoz@mit.edu
    Phone: 617-324-5265
    Office: 46-6123

    Ph.D., Neurophysiology, McGill University, Canada
    M.S., Behavioral Neuroscience, McGill University, Canada

    Diego Mendoza-Halliday received his Ph.D. from McGill University in Montreal, Canada, where he worked at the lab of Julio Martinez-Trujillo. There, he studied the anatomical extent and boundaries of visual working memory representations using single-neuron electrophysiology and human psychophysics. Now a postdoctoral fellow at the Desimone Lab, he investigates the causal role of—and interactions between—neurons in multiple visual, parietal and prefrontal cortical areas during visual feature attention and working memory using optogenetic and electrophysiological techniques.

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