Desimone Lab

We study how the brain deals with the challenge of information overload.

Our lab brings together people of all backgrounds and from many parts of the world to study the basic neural mechanisms of attention and executive control. We strongly believe that diverse perspectives strengthen our science.

Key Publications

High-throughput mapping of a whole rhesus monkey brain at micrometer resolution
Fang Xu, Yan Shen, Lufeng Ding, Chao-Yu Yang, Heng Tan, Hao Wang, Qingyuan Zhu, Rui Xu, Fengyi Wu, Yanyang Xiao, Cheng Xu, Qianwei Li, Peng Su, Li I Zhang, Hong-Wei Dong, Robert Desimone, Fuqiang Xu, Xintian Hu, Pak-Ming Lau, Guo-Qiang Bi. Nature biotechnology, Jul 2021.
Connectional subdivision of the claustrum: two visuotopic subdivisions in the macaque
Ricardo Gattass, Juliana G M Soares, Robert Desimone, Leslie G Ungerleider. Frontiers in systems neuroscience, May 2014.