Harbaljit Sohal

Postdoctoral Associate

Ph.D., Neurotechnology, Newcastle University, UK
M.S., Neuroscience, Nottingham University, UK

Harbaljit “Harbi” graduated from Nottingham University, UK with a MSci (hons) Neuroscience degree in 2009, which had an intercalated year in  the pharmaceutical industry (Solvay Pharmaceuticals, Netherlands: now Abbott BV). As an undergraduate, he studied on areas such as drug addiction, schizophrenia and neural stem cells in the treatment for cerebellar stroke. Harbi completed his Ph. D in neurotechnology at Newcastle University, working with Prof. Stuart Baker and Dr. Andrew Jackson (movementlab.org). During his Ph. D, Harbi designed, microfabricated, and in-vivo tested  novel flexible electrodes for use in chronic brain recording. Harbi is currently a postdoctoral associate  shared between the Desimone lab and Synthetic Neurobiology group (Ed Boyden) working at the interface between engineering and neuroscience, for furthering understanding of the complex brain and translational purposes with the development/ refinement of new and existing neurotechnologies..