Nava Shmoel David

Postdoctoral Fellow

Phone: 857-498-8356
B.Sc., Electrical Engineering, Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art, Israel
Ph.D., Nanotechnology and Neurobiology, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
Nava received her Ph.D. in the interdisciplinary field of Nanotechnology and Neurobiology from the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. During her graduate research, she focused on developing cutting-edge in vitro and in vivo multi-electrode-array (MEA) platforms. These platforms enable long-term, simultaneous intracellular recordings and stimulation of synaptic and action potentials in tens to hundreds of individual rodent neurons, with recording electrodes maintaining extracellular positions.
As a postdoctoral fellow and Yang-Tan Center for Molecular Therapeutics Postdoctoral Fellow in the  Desimone and Boyden labs, Nava is designing and developing innovative strategies to advance the understanding of cell signaling and its role in normal physiology and disease states. She investigates the use of spatially multiplexed activity imaging reporter islands for mapping signal transduction networks in living mouse brains during behaviorally relevant processes and disease states. Nava’s work involves localizing distinct fluorescent reporters at various locations within a cell, allowing for simultaneous signal reporting from their unique positions.

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