Microstimulation of primate neocortex targeting striosomes induces negative decision-making

Satoko Amemori, Ken-Ichi Amemori, Tomoko Yoshida, Georgios K Papageorgiou, Rui Xu, Hideki Shimazu, Robert Desimone, Ann M Graybiel. The European journal of neuroscience, Aug 2019.


Here, we combined MRI-guided electrical microstimulation and viral tracing to examine the function of a corticostriatal circuit implicated by previous cortical microstimulation as modulating affective judgment and decision-making. Local microstimulation of a small part of the pregenual anterior cingulate cortex (pACC) was found to increase avoidance decisions in a cost-benefit decision-making task (Ap-Av task) in which differing amounts of “good” and “bad” options were given simultaneously. No…