Near-Infrared Fluorescent Proteins Engineered from Bacterial Phytochromes in Neuroimaging

Kiryl D Piatkevich, Ho-Jun Suk, Suhasa B Kodandaramaiah, Fumiaki Yoshida, Ellen M DeGennaro, Mikhail Drobizhev, Thomas E Hughes, Robert Desimone, Edward S Boyden, Vladislav V Verkhusha. Biophysical journal, Oct 2017.


Several series of near-infrared (NIR) fluorescent proteins (FPs) were recently engineered from bacterial phytochromes but were not systematically compared in neurons. To fluoresce, NIR FPs utilize an enzymatic derivative of heme, the linear tetrapyrrole biliverdin, as a chromophore whose level in neurons is poorly studied. Here, we evaluated NIR FPs of the iRFP protein family, which were reported to be the brightest in non-neuronal mammalian cells, in primary neuronal culture, in brain slices of…