The cortical connectome of primate lateral prefrontal cortex

Rui Xu, Narcisse P. Bichot , Atsushi Takahashi, Robert Desimone. Neuron, Jan 2022.


The lateral prefrontal cortex (LPFC) of primates plays an important role in executive control, but how it interacts with the rest of the cortex remains unclear. To address this, we densely mapped the cortical connectome of LPFC, using electrical microstimulation combined with functional MRI (EM-fMRI). We found isomorphic mappings between LPFC and five major processing domains composing most of the cerebral cortex except early sensory and motor areas. An LPFC grid of ∼200 stimulation sites topographically mapped to separate grids of activation sites in the five domains, coarsely resembling how the visual cortex maps the retina. The temporal and parietal maps largely overlapped in LPFC, suggesting topographically organized convergence of the ventral and dorsal streams, and the other maps overlapped at least partially. Thus, the LPFC contains overlapping, millimeter-scale maps that mirror the organization of major cortical processing domains, supporting LPFC’s role in coordinating activity within and across these domains.